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Headspace is a game about uniting different internal organs of the body, each representing different factors of depression and anxiety. You, the rational brain, perform a fetch quest for each of the organs, helping them cope with their symptom (one for all) which, in turn, helps your sleeping human cope as well (all for one).

Made by team Ghost Garden for the Chillennium 2019 Game Jam:

  • Asher Lejeune (artist)
  • Kathryn Nastasi (programmer/artist)
  • Julia Grammes (programmer)


  • Enter to Select Menu Options
  • Arrow Keys to Move
  • Z to Interact
  • Tab to Toggle Fullscreen
  • R to Restart
  • Esc to Exit

**Known bug on lower end systems where game flashes and dramatically slows down after talking to characters in fullscreen. This issue can be avoided by playing in windowed mode. Fix currently in progress.

Install instructions

Download, unzip, play "Headspace.exe"


Headspace 1.1.zip 11 MB

Development log


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This game plays around with interesting visuals and concepts, but overall it severely lacks polish. The screen flashes every time you talk to a character, the items you pick up stay in your inventory even after you gave them away, and it's easy to miss dialogue by simply picking up an item before talking to a character. 

By simply solving these few problems, the game would in my opinion be a much better experience and merit at least 4/5 stars thanks to its great artstyle and its almost mesmerising feel.


Thank you for your critique! The game is definitely far from being polished. We’re currently working on solutions for the missed dialogue and inventory permanence, which will improve the game experience considerably. Nonetheless, thank you for playing and your suggestions are a great help!